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001 - 002 | 0.6 kmThis hike continues on from the Walking Fern Trail of Hike L02. Continue on 10th Line around the curve past some small ponds and on the left a Main Bruce Trail white marker indicates the trail heads downhill by a series of steps and crosses a bridge over a creek before heading uphill on a narrow gravel path providing a nice view of the ravine down below on the right. At the Y- intersection the Bruce Trail meets the Winston Churchill Side Trail which heads to the left (see description below at end of the tables. Continue on the main Bruce Trail that goes right (002).

002 - 003 | 4.5 kmThe Bruce Trail heads eastward through the Terra Cotta Conservation Area on a network of smaller trails with a number of T-intersections. The trail then heads south along the side of a valley before meeting the western end of the Caledon Trailway. It follows the trailway across Winston Churchill Blvd and Isabella St to reach Heritage Road (003).

003 - 004 | 5.0 kmWhile the Caledon Trailway continues northeast toward Cheltenham, turn left on Heritage Road and follow the main Bruce Trail for about 800 m where the trail leaves Heritage Road and enters the woods (004).

004 -005 | 6.1 kmThe trail turns right and enters light bushland. Soon the trail heads downhill over a small wooden bridge over the creek and climbs back up past a large rock pile on the left and a tree at the brow of the hill. At a wooden plank bridge over running water, the path continues along the creek bed and then swings away to meet the Rockside Side Trail (005).

005 - 006 | 8.1 kmContinuing along a rocky path beside a deep ravine with rock outcrops, the trail passes through a more open area that resembles an old abandoned orchard. The trail then winds uphill along a very rocky slope and up a set of informal rock steps to the top. At the top the trail moves through an area of mixed growth of beech and maple trees before arriving at a T-intersection. Here continue on the Rockside Side Trail to the left (006).

006 - 007 | 8.6 kmThe route passes a low swampy bog area on the right as it winds along the wetlands area before coming to a curve in the road ahead. A sign indicates the Rockside Side Trail goes left (007).

007 - 008 | 10.2 kmThis section of the trail is a relatively straight 1.5 m wide rocky road allowance that soon arrives at a gravel roadway with a black metal gate leading into a private property. Continue straight ahead along this paved low traffic roadway passing a field with horses grazing. At the brow of the hill ahead, the trail leaves Heritage Road and heads back into the woods on the left (008) where there is parking.

008 - 005 | 10.9 kmHere you have a choice. 1) Continue straight ahead on the road down the hill for 200 m to (004) meeting the Bruce Trail, or 2) follow the Rockside Side Trail to the left repeating part of the earlier trail as the trail heads downhill over a small wooden bridge over the creek and climbs back up past a large rock pile on the left and a tree at the brow of the hill. At a wooden plank bridge over running water, the path continues along the creek bed and then meets the white blazes of the main Bruce Trail (005).

005 - 004 | 12.0 kmCrossing a single-sided wooden bridge over a small stream, the trail swings right and climbs a rocky slope where some rock outcroppings can be seen. The path becomes covered in exposed roots as it passes along a deep rocky ravine affording great views. The trail continues through an area of low brush growth past a few small bridges before reaching Heritage Road (004).

004 - 003 | 12.7 kmArriving back at (004), cross the stile and turn left and follow the main Bruce Trail (white blazed) along Heritage Road to (009) where the side trail meets the Caledon Trailway that follows an old abandoned railway line.

003 - WCB | 13.9 kmTurn right onto the Caledon Trailway, passing Isabella St where a map of the area is located. Continue along the trailway until you arrive at Winston Churchill Blvd..

WCB - 002 | 16.4 kmNote: There is some minor rerouting halfway through this area. Cross the road and continue straight ahead where the trailway becomes more narrow. A large stone marker indicates “ Mile 0 of the Caledon Trailway opened in 1994.” Head right around the fence and pass through an abandoned orchard with a variety of fruit trees. The trail swings by a very dark pine forest and along the edge of a ravine on the left coming to a curve where an old shack in very bad condition is located. At a T- intersection the trail swings to the right and comes to a sign before descending a hill (The A F Coventry Trail is ahead). At a T-intersection (Vaughn Trail), continue to the left following the white trail markers. At the top of the hill is another T- intersection with the trail again going left following the white trail markers down the wide gravel trail. At the sign that says “Trees 2000 Ecological Restoration” continue following the blue trail that goes right. At still another T-intersection go left again along the white blazed side trail. Past a wet area, the trail arrives at a T-intersection with a garbage can where the trail heads right. Immediately after there is another Y- intersection with the blue side trail going left. The Main Bruce Trail meets the Winston Churchill Side Trail once again (002).

002 - 001 | 17.0 kmTurn left and head downhill and back to the starting point (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!
[Updated: 14Aug 08] {Updated: 17 Apr 10}[updated 11 Jan 2012 due to major rerouting of the Bruce trail due to quarry expansion - a rerouting that makes this hike much less desireable.]

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002 - 009 | 3.4 km ; Alternate routeFor the Winston Churchill Trail (3.4 km):
At (002) take the Winston Churchill Side Trail which heads off to the left. Passing  a series of ponds on the right, the path re-enters the woods and continues up a gradual incline on the edge of the ravine. Arriving at a wire fence the trail continues along this fence with a sign denoting the park boundary and through a young forest of beech, birch and maple busy with squirrels gathering nuts. At an intersection, take the Vaughn Trail which goes straight ahead into the woods. The trail follows a ridge overlooking the deep ravine below to the left and a more gentle slope to the right. A stile crossing over a rusty fence leads into the property of the Peel Board of Education. The trail continues through relatively dense foliage along the edge of the ravine where you can catch a glimpse of Rogers Creek below. The trail winds through numerous undulations where many gray squirrels can be seen before coming to a more open areas with beech predominant. The trail then skirts a farmers field. Crossing a rock gully, the trail heads uphill and continues wandering through the woods arriving at a single-sided wooden plank bridge over a creek and into a very rocky area with some very gnarled cedar trees. We now arrive at Winston Churchill Blvd (009). From here, turn right and walk along Winston Churchill Blvd until it meets the Bruce Trail near a parking area. You can use this as an alternate route going or returning. This loop adds about 2.5 km to the hike.






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