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Niagara FallsMaid of the Mist heads towards Niagara Falls

Introduction to TorontoHiking Waterfalls

Waterfalls of the Niagara Escarpment


There are in the neighbourhood of 70 waterfalls along the Niagara Escarpment, located between Niagara Falls and Tobermory, whose formation was influenced by the variety of geological conditions found along the escarpment. The Bruce Trail passes by many of these waterfalls.

Some of the waterfalls are cascading falls and some have multiple falls, upper, middle and lower falls. When you encounter any of these waterfalls while hiking along the trails, you will have some amazing sights that will definitely turn your walk into a very special one.

The purpose of the new TorontoHiking.com waterfalls pages is to make you aware of these falls, to show you how to reach them with our road and location maps and to provide you with detailed trail maps showing the exact location of the waterfalls. In addition we provide a bit of information about the geology and/or history of the individual falls. We cover 35 main falls, but including multiple and nearby falls, that total rises to over 50 falls.

We have also included a classification system for the falls and have introduced a waterfalls rating system based on a number of relevant factors.

Also available for the more adventurous, is information about accessing the base of some of the falls. Some of this information may be incomplete or inaccurate, so be very careful if you decided to use the information. Waterfalls can be dangerous places, so be very cautious. Rocks can be loose and slippery along the top cliff edges and falling rock from above can be dangerous when down below.

We have also include a table of nearby falls so that you can take in more than one falls on a day visit.

Finally we have included a number of videos of the waterfalls. Many waterfalls pages contain three youtube videos. We have looked at all of the available videos and picked the ones that we thought were the best and showed the falls in a variety of conditions. We think you will enjoy this feature even if you cannot visit the falls in person.



Can you name the waterfalls in this 21 minute video?

There are several waterfalls from all around the world in this video. After each waterfall the video will pause for a few seconds and then the name and place of the waterfall will be given.

Note from Hoosier Tim's Travel Videos: I am well aware that there are a lot of beautiful waterfalls that are not in this video. I have only included the ones that I have personally visited since 2007.

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