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What's new in Version 9?

New Features in Version 9 in 2016 (February)

  • Newsfeeds have been removed from the site -outdated
  • Layout now responsive in mobile devices -no more pinching
  • All tables removed in favor of responsive design
  • New blog engine allows admin, guest and members blogs
  • New members COMMUNITY area
  • New comment system throughout
  • New look and features
  • Social media integration
  • Site uses SSL (https) for security
  • CMS operating system updated to latest version
  • Security features added
  • Layout tweaks; bug fixes
  • Code improvements
  • Error checking and correction
  • Responsive photo albums

What's new in Version 8?

New Features in Version 8 in 2013 (January)

  • CMS operating system updated to newest version
  • Security features added
  • Improved readability of all tables
  • Easy printing of Trail Guides
  • Improved polls
  • Provision for guest blogs
  • Layout tweaks; bug fixes
  • Code improvements
  • Translation service removed
  • Spell/grammar checks

What's New in Version 7?

New Features in Version 7 in 2011

Site Look

The site look and layout is all new with a more dynamic look with a parallax motion feature. The look of the site will change with the seasons to match the colours of the seasons.

The Hikes

The Hikes have all been updated with improved information in many cases and with the addition of more details about the hiking area along with comments and personal observations. The waypoint-to-waypoint data has been moved to its own page. A new icon row links from the main hike page to all of the other information. Nine new hikes have been added to bring the total to 54.

Waterfalls Series

An all-new series featuring about 45 waterfalls along the Niagara escarpment. A classification and rating system is applied to each waterfalls. We believe the rating system may be a first for waterfalls sites in North America. In addition you'll find full waterfalls statistics including location maps and maps of area trails near the waterfalls suitable for a walk or hike in the area. We round out each falls with a selection of videos that present the waterfalls in different situations plus information for the adventurous only.

Update of all Essentials, Tutorials and Ecology items

Each of these series has been rewritten and updated to provide the latest information. new graphics and photos have been added to the layouts in most cases. New articles have been added.

Latest News, Updates and Events

This feature presents latest news of interest to hikers plus news about trail updates and closures plus events. You can submit hiking related events to us for inclusion in the events listings.

Newsfeeds: RSS feeds on hiking related topics: Hiking News, Travel News and Tips, Weather, and Ecology

Login system for limited functions

Comments system

Translation services

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