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A tight rock crevice climb



001 - 002 | 1.7 kmThis hiking trail begins in the small hamlet of Woodford where you can park on the side of Woodford Cres. Walk back a bit along the road to where the road curved as you entered the hamlet. Look for the white blazes where the trail enters a private lane way. Please respect the landowners privacy here. The trail follows a narrow path beside this lane way for about 100 m until it reaches BTC property near the foundations of an old pioneer church. Here we meet the Woodford Escarpment Side Trail. Go left on this side trail leaving the main Bruce trail and follow the blue trail blazes. The side trail passes through the stone foundations of the pioneer church. The trail wanders to the northeast through a mixed hardwood forest. Soon the trail crosses  a dry (usually) stream bed and then continues on the Escarpment edge. After passing through a cedar forest, the trail descends to rejoin the main trail (002).

002 - 003 | 2.3 kmTurn left onto the main Bruce trail which continues eastward to meet the St. Vincent-Sydenham T-Line (003).

003 - 004 | 3.0 kmThe trail turns left (north) here and follows the road for about 600 m before it leaves the road (004).

004 - 005 | 4.7 kmTurn right (east) here leaving the road beside a farmer’s field with sheep.  The trail follows a fence line over a bridge and numerous stiles before it turns to the left into a mixed hardwood forest. Continuing northeast, the trail reaches the intersection of the River Kwai Side Trail (005).

005 - 006 | 9.54 kmWhile the River Kwai Side Trail heads uphill to the northwest, continue to the right on the main Bruce Trail. The trail heads to the northeast reaching an old logging road.`The trail continues another 700 m before reaching another logging road. Soon the trail reaches the edge of the Escarpment. Exercise caution here as the trail is close to the edge and there are many deep crevices. For the next 2.5 km, there are some great views of Georgian Bay and the Meaford Training Centre as the trail wanders from the scarp edge into the mixed cedar and hardwood forest and back. If the military are on maneuvers, loud explosions may be heard in the distance. The trail reaches the  Land Forces boundary fence where it makes a sharp left away from the Escarpment along the fence line. The trail passes through large areas of ferns (Hart’s Tongue, Walking Fern). The trail continues through the forest turning north and reaching an old logging road (006).

006 - 007 | 12.4 kmContinue straight ahead on the main Bruce Trail where soon the Bayview Escarpment Side Trail exits to the left. This trail heads to waypoint (007). The trail again approaches the Escarpment where it turns left to follow the scarp edge providing more excellent views over the training Centre. Continuing westward, the trail again comes to the boundary fence for the Department of National Defence. Following this fence line for about 1 km, the trail climbs a hill and turns southward. Following the scarp edge, the trail then turns left (east) to follow an old cart path. Soon this trail curves to the south and descends to arrive at the St. Vincent-Sydenham T-line and the parking lot for the Bayview Escarpment Nature Reserve (007).

007 - 008 | 14.5 kmWalk south on this road for about 1 km. At 24 Sideroad, the Bruce Trail turns right along this road while we continue ahead on the T-Line road (008).

008 - 005 | 18.2 kmThis is now the River Kwai Side Trail. In 400 m, this side trail tums left (east). It soon crosses the River Kwai bridge and wanders through an abandoned field undergoing regrowth. The trail passes through a hardwood forest before crossing another old logging road. Continuing southeast, the trail meets the main trail (005).

005 - 004 | 20.1 kmTurn right (west) on the main trail heading back to (004).

004 - 003 | 20.7 kmTurn left onto St. Vincent-Sydenham T-Line to (003).

003 - 002 | 21.3 kmLeave the T-Line by turning right into the woods arriving at (002) and the Woodford Escarpment Side Trail.

002 -001 | 22.6 kmKeep right on the main Bruce Trail where the trail drops into and out of a very narrow crevice. A Bypass Side Trail is available for claustrophobic hikers or those with a large backpack. The trail heads downhill passing a settler’s barn and household before crossing a usually dry stream. The trail wanders through a hardwood forest and passes a cart path before making a sharp detour around an old limestone kiln and reaching the pioneer church foundation once again. Soon you are back at the start of the hike (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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