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Hike Info

N44.59415  W80.74248

22.5 km

6-7 h


367 m

The Bayview Extension hike is quite varied with great lookouts along the escarpment.

Free roadside parking


Along the trail

02 Jun 2008

Not wheelchair accessible


To shorten the hike, walk along the Townline Rd from 008 to 004.

Lookout points near 006

x-country skiing; snowshoeing; former roadways are used by snowmobilers


The Site

The Bayview Extension

The Bayview Extension hike begins in the small Hamlet of Woodford north of Hwy 26 and due east of Owen Sound. From the Escarpment top you can view Georgian Bay.

Lookout point shows Georgian Bay

The trail enters the Bayview Escarpment Nature Reserve and passes through a pine plantation before crossing into a more natural forest area as the trail heads northeast towards the Escarpment edge. Nature reserve parks are established to represent and protect the distinctive natural habitats and landforms of the province. These areas are protected for educational and research purposes. Due to the fragility of many of these natural features, only a few nature reserves are accessible to the public. At the Escarpment edge you will see numerous crevice caves and some great views of the Canadian Forces Base and beyond to the blue waters of Georgian Bay itself. This area is noted for its abundance and variety of ferns.

Rattlesnake fern is a very common sight in contrast to the more rare Hart's Tongue Fern. Over 20 ferns species have been identified in this reserve including the common Maidenhead Fern and the uncommon Green Spleenwort and Walking Fern. Moss seems to cover the rocks and boulders everwhere.

commentThis is a very varied hiking experience that leads northeast from Woodford. The trail is typical rugged north country and along the escarpment edge there are many deep crevices. Since the trail is right along the edge, you need to be careful where you are going. It's a pretty sight with a variety of ferns in abundance among the many moss covered boulders. It's a long hike with some road walking to make a loop but it will be a scenic one for sure.

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